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Longmont Aircraft Modelers Association

Welcome to the Longmont Aircraft Modelers Association (LAMA) website.

We are an AMA chartered club of model aviation enthusiasts flying all kinds of RC aircraft.
AMA membership is required to fly at our field.

Associate memberships are no longer available starting 2021. Thank you for your understanding. 

Associate members who wish to continue flying at LAMA will need to join as full members.

We have installed a weather station at the field. For access click this link: - Click here for mobile 

also, a link for weather underground:


Click here for the Mike Cross Front Range RC events calendar 2021 

Click to see runway replacement youtube

Featured pilot & aircraft section! 

Our feature pilot is Robert.

Airplane: Carf Chengdu J-10 3D

Propulsion: ACEx 240 Turbine

Radio: Spectrum iX20  


Pilots Jason and Ed.

Jason’s plane is 3D hobbies Extra 330SC with a DLE 111 engine. 

Ed's plane is an old pilot model Edge 540 with a DA 120 engine. 


Pilot David

Airplane: Hanger 9 Beast 100cc 89"

Propulsion: DLE-111

Radio: Spectrum iX12  

Turbine Operation

KBDI for Sarasota County

Click Here for Turbine Aircraft Fire Safety Rules and Myakka River District Map

Click here to visit the Florida Forest Service KBDI website